I buy non charted soul 45's from the 60's and 70's...local label items that are medium or up-tempo songs. I prefer a smooth sound to a funk sound, although I buy some funk records too, mostly to trade with other people who have the kinds of things I like. I buy single items, entire private collections, as well as warehouse and radio station stock. Basically any quantity of records, as long as they are in great condition.

What do I pay for these things? It depends...on rarity, desirability, condition, how far I have to drive to pick the records up, etc... I've paid as little as 0 (for things that people want to give me) up to...well, up to any reasonable amount. Vague, I know, but it all depends on what the record is.

comprehensive wants listed by label here Some of my soul 45's wants:

Jimmy Bo Horne "I can't speak" (Dade)
Antellects "Love slave" (Flodavieur)
Robbie Lawson "Burning Sensation" (Kyser)
Danny Monday "Baby without you" (Modern)
Johnny Hendley "My baby came from out of nowhere" (Mutt & Jeff)
John & the Wierdest "Can't get over these memories" (Tie)
That's just a sampling...There are literally thousands of titles from all over the country that have the sound I want. And thousands more that I have never even heard of (I hope) and that I will buy if only people would tell me what they have for sale.

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