Sonny Fisher "Oh love this is Sonny" (Tou Sea)

Another New Orleans label, but this time with a New York connection. New Yorker Sonny Fisher also recorded under the name Sonny Fishback for Don Robey's Peacock label and also on Out-A-Site with a song you can hear elsewhere on my website..."Heartbreaking man". I found this record in a pile of junk for a dime. It's not often I come across such a great record for next to nothing, but when I do, I've got to admit it feels good. I almost couldn't believe my ears when I put the needle on this record for the first time. It's a curious song, too. The lyrics are all about a guy telling a DJ to dedicate a song to the love of his life. But the way Sonny sings it is what makes this track just that much better than any other gimmicky number.
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