Cashmeres "Don't let the door hit your back" (Hem)

Most likely from Washington, DC, this is the b-side of a track that's been "comp'd" on a few northern soul CD's in the last couple of years. In my opinion, it's just as good - if not better - than the flip, "Show Stopper". I know very little about the Cashmeres except that they also recorded for a label called Hubba Hubba. (Although that might not even be the same group). Now, when I listen to this record, I don't hear the group singing "Don't let the door hit your back." I hear them singing "So let the door hit your back." Is the title wrong? Or am I going deaf? Comments and opinions on a postcard, please.

I think Hem may have been owned by Herbie Cohen, and when I spoke with his widow, she confirmed that he did manage some "R&B Groups", but could not recall whether the Cashmeres was one of them. Sadly, she had no copies of his records, so I might never find out for sure.
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